Hotel Restauracja FALEZA Jastrzębia Góra, ul. Klifowa 5 tel. 58-674 91 58
Niemiecki Rosyjski Polski


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About our hotel

A unique hotel! Rooms with a full view of the sea!


We are located at Cape Rozewie, the northernmost headland in Poland (54°50' N, 18°20' E). Our hotel/restaurant is situated 40 m above sea level, just 40 m from the seashore.


The surroundings of Hotel Faleza are outstanding. The hotel borders, among others, with the well-known Fox Ravine ("Lisi Jar"), where king Sigismund III Vasa landed in 1598 after a failed attempt to claim the Swedish crown. The Fox Ravine is a wonderful centuries-old beech forest, where guests can enjoy long relaxing walks and breathe fresh air smelling of the forest and the sea. There is a picturesque gorge nearby with beautiful blossoming yellow/golden brooms and other amazing plants characteristic of the cliffy shores of Rozewie and Jastrzebia Gora - a charming nook which cannot be found anywhere else on this coast. The unique location of Hotel Faleza makes our guests' stay an unforgettable experience. The rooms boast a great view of the sea.


Our luxurious hotel rooms allow guests to relax in comfortable conditions. We offer you double rooms with bathrooms as well as suites. The rooms include (satellite) TV sets, phones, Wi-Fi wireless internet connection, mini bars and telescopes. Thanks to the telescopes, our guests can see far into the distance, watch the vastness of the sea, admire passing ships and cutters that return from fishing surrounded by seagulls as well as enjoy incomparable sunrises and sunsets reflected in calm waters.


Those who desire absolute quiet and peace can use our equally luxurious bungalow rooms. The bungalow is located on our premises, ca. 20 m away from the hotel. It includes guest rooms only to ensure undisturbed rest and relaxation.


The most demanding guests who wish to spend quality time at the hotel can enjoy an observation deck on the 3rd floor. It is a great place to have a romantic dinner for two or to engage, making a promise of eternal love in the moonlight and looking at the boundless waters of the Baltic Sea. The observation deck can also host a dinner for VIPs.